Maritime Consultancy Services

Maritime Consultancy Services

At Strong Maritime Services we provide a wide range of consultancy services advising the shipping and maritime industry with respect to marine surveys, safe loading of cargo, ship chartering and brokerage, ship sales and purchasing. 

Our professional and qualified team have first-hand experience as professional seamen and are well placed to provide valuable advice to our clients, spanning the finance, insurance, mining, oil and gas sectors throughout Australia and internationally.

We work closely with our clients to manage risk by providing effective advice with respect to safety and compliance measures and we regularly consult to senior management in shipping companies on a wide range of matters, including ports and tug operations. 

As leading marine warranty surveyors, we focus on understanding our clients’ business networks, systems and technology so that we can offer customised solutions that empower them to make informed decisions about their operations, risk (real or perceived) and potential liabilities. Our consulting services also extend to furnishing expert reports for the purposes of Court proceedings when an agreement cannot be reached between parties in dispute.

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