Strong Maritime Services is one of Australia’s leading marine cargo survey specialists

We conduct bulk cargo surveys, iron ore, coal, fertiliser and draft surveys on loading and discharging of cargo to ensure the cargo is loaded in accordance with regulations and loadable limits. We also inspect and examine maritime vessels to assess, monitor and report on their condition and cargo for a broad range of clients including shipowners, multinational and international insurers and freight forwarders. 

Given the often-perilous nature of shipping voyages and unforeseen contingencies which may arise on land or at sea, safety remains a key priority. As leading Australian marine surveyors, we pride ourselves on our ability to assess vessels’ safety, such as ascertaining the momentum caused due to cargo shifting which can render the vessel unsafe during its passage. We also work hard to ensure that the heavy lift cargo is securely loaded on road transport for safe passage from port to site.

Captain Nelson Le Blond is one of Australia’s most respected, trusted and established marine surveyors and consultants in the maritime and shipping industry. For over two decades he has conducted marine surveys with respect to major projects throughout Australia and has extensive experience in conducting marine surveys for multinational and international companies and insurers. 

In the unfortunate circumstance where loss or damage occurs, we utilise our technical skills and capabilities to undertake a detailed inspection of the damage caused. We establish and report on the probable cause of the loss or damage, assess the degree of damage and provide a comprehensive survey report outlining our expert opinion to enable the insurer to make informed decisions about the insured’s loss. We can also estimate the cost of the damaged goods and provide all relevant details to the claimant for the purposes of filing an insurance claim.

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Inspect and examine maritime vessels

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